L.R. stands for Louis Ralph.  I’m the third Louis Ralph in my family and my mom didn’t want me called Lou or Louie. So L.R.

MTB is short for mountain bike.

LRMTBR the phrase originated joking around about a vanity plate for my car: L.R., Mountain Biker.

LRMTBR the blog started as a chronicle of mountain biking activities. Right now it’s about life in general – the scenery part of “mountain bike and scenery”.

I visited my sister in Boulder in April 2011. It was rainy and cold for the first eight days and on the sunny ninth I got on her husband’s $10 garage sale mountain bike and went for a ride. Found myself on an expansive mesa with a backdrop of Rocky Mountains foothills; had no idea anything like that existed and didn’t have much going on in NYC at the time so I moved to Colorado “for the summer” so I could mountain bike. Two years later I’m writing this in a coffee shop in Crested Butte, taking a break during a mountain biking road trip

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