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32% (now 28). Ugh. I feel naked.

(Quick tip: Google Chrome uses way more power than other browsers. Look at Time Remaining with Chrome open, then switch browsers. Significant jump.)

Whenever I have a chance to plug in and don’t,  I end up regretting it.

Maybe it’s just that I only notice when my neglectfulness comes back to haunt me.

Was in the Starbucks Reserve Bar yesterday for several hours. Love that place, all lightly cushioned armchairs, not big cushy ones where crumbs will find places to hide from all employees, no matter how thorough and well-intentioned. Gross.

An outlet was nearby but across a short stretch of highly trafficked open floor. I didn’t do it. Didn’t get my charger out, didn’t attach the longer slightly-unwieldy power cord, didn’t squat down and make awkward small talk next to a woman working in an armchair. “Gotta charge, right?”

Thought I would plug in later that night – last night – at a meeting I knew I was going to. Totally forgot, wasn’t urgent.

Came to a new-to-me coffee shop this morning, Verve Coffee DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles). Pretty place, nice long wood communal tables, some spots outside in the sun. What does all the seating at Verve DTLA have in common?

You may have guessed it: No outlets. It’s a no-outlet coffee shop.

I think I like the idea. “You can come here, drink coffee and juice and eat great pastries, work as long as you like on our speedy wifi. Or, rather, work as long as your battery will allow –– for up to ten hours, if you’re smart enough to keep your laptop topped off.”

(Sidenote: I sold a laptop on craiglist a few weeks ago. Savvy shoppers asked me what the battery cycle count was. One more reason to stay topped off.)

Another reminder that small-seeming inconveniences not dealt with turn into larger ones down the line. Not paying a bill and incurring a late charge/credit hit; putting off an oil change and wearing down an engine prematurely.

More importantly: remember the ABCs of this clunky stage of the internet era.






Question: I don’t know much about this movie, did the creators of Boss Baby cast Alec Baldwin just so they could use this genius print ad?

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